Saturday, January 31, 2009

JA Charity Ball

This past weekend was the Junior Auxiliary Charity Ball. We had so much fun, as we do every year! It's always fun to get together with old friends and enjoy a night out!!
Me with my hot date!!
Mary Grace Chapman and me

The hubby and me

Hawk and Me

Jason and Hawk
The Girls
Ginger, Jennie, and Me

Julie B and Me

Lyndsey and Me

April, Me, and Raychel
Ginger, Julie F, Me, Joyce Marie, Julie B, and Lesley

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trip to Jackson

Well, last week I had to go to the orthopedic doc in Jackson. I know there are plenty closer in location, but I really like this doc--he did reconstructive surgery on my left knee almost 10 years ago, and I have never had a problem out of it!! Jason and the kids came with me, and what a fun time we had!! Jason and I took the kids to the park and they had a ball!! We also got ice cream and ate at Chic-fil-a!! It kind of made us miss Jackson, but we were glad to get back to old Clarksdale with no traffic!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Potty

Well, everyone/thing in the house is officially potty trained, but Riley Kate! We have even trained all of the stuffed animals, but Riley Kate is not interested! When I first saw her doing this, I almost had a fit, but then I realized--SHE HAS NEVER EVEN USED THE POTTY--it is brand new! Well, at least the toys and stuffed animals use it!!

Silly Girl!! She will sit on the potty, but do nothing, and then say I get "canny"-(candy) which is her reward if she does go potty, which has not happened yet! She is just one of those children who will do it in her own time! I mean, you can't rush drama queens!!!

Birthday Party

Well, yesterday was my mom's birthday and today was my sister's, so we had a joint party! Grayton wanted he and Riley Kate to make the birthday cake especially for Ali and Nette, so we did!! It was quite the mess, but we had a fun time doing it, and the kids put more icing on the cake than I had ever seen. It was so much it eventually started sliding off!! Oh well, it was cute and very special!!!
Riley Kate wanting to stick her finger in the middle of the cake--I just can see it on her face!!

The cake baked and decorated by the cutest little chefs I have ever seen!!!!

The little chefs!

Silly little cakemakers!!!

Happy Birthday Ali!
Riley Kate dancing and singing Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to Nette!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sarah's Wedding Day

We had a Busy and eventful day today at the Scarbrough house!! I was honored to be a bridesmaid in Sarah Graham's wedding today!! Grayton was so excited to be the ringbearer--he has been practicing since yesterday with the ringbearer pillow in the box, and he was so excited to get to "do it with the real pillow" today--too cute :) !!! We are so happy for Sarah, Craig and Maddie and pray that God will bless each of them and their marriage each day!!
Grayton with his ringbearer pillow still in the box--very ready to open it!!

Weezie (grandmother of the bride) with Maddie and Grayton

Grayton and I with the beautiful bride!

Grayton and Maddie were too cute!

What a beautiful dress!!

The Gorgeous bride with Grayton

Sarah with her parents--AKA "Big and Grammy Graham"

Me with my handsome little man!!

Sweet Maddie

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Candy Christmas Necklaces

We had so much fun making these fun candy necklaces. Grayton did a pretty good job, and Riley Kate just mostly ate the candy-ha!! They did turn out cute, and the kids loved wearing them, especially Riley Kate!

Cookies for Santa

The aftermath of the cookie decorating!!!

We made way too many, but here are a couple of the cookies we made!!

When Grayton was just a baby, we started making our own "special" cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. The last couple of years he has been old enough to pick out the kind he wants to make. This year he picked gingerbread and Sissy picked Sugar cookies! They had such a ball decorating them, and we had our dear friends, the Ramgoolams over to join in the cookie making fun!!!

Church Christmas Program

Grayton did such a wonderful job!! We are so proud!!

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like a good old childrens' Christmas program!

Sister squirming around during the performance!!

Riley Kate watching her brother!!


After the birth of Grayton, Jason and I began running and became highly addicted!! I soon made my first jogging stroller purchase, The Tike Tech all terrain single jogger. It was wonderful until I needed another seat for Riley Kate. I got this Dreamer Design off of ebay, and I love it! I call it my freedom and my sanity because I can load up the kids and go running whenever I feel like it! The kids love to stroll. They usually ask to go. We have run several races just for fun--Delta Jubilee 5K, Juke Joint Festival 5K, St. Jude 1/2 Marathon, Double Decker 10K, 300 Oaks 10K, etc. We love to run and if there is a race we can make it to, we'll run it!! We are running about 4 to 5 miles a day now with long runs of 7 to 12 miles on the weekends!


Since Grayton's 1st birthday, I have ventured out a bit and started baking and creating my kid's birthday cakes each year. Also, I am the homeroom mother for Grayton's class, so I am trying to get creative with my baking. I am not very good at it, but it is so much fun!! If anyone has any new cute ideas, share them with me.