Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Growing Baby Boy

April 2011

8 months old already???

Easter 2011

Family Picture on Easter

My Boys!!

Sweet Sister!

A quick snack after Easter egg hunting!

Me taking Bailey for a ride on the powerwheels!!

All the grandkids!

Our Easter cross cake

And of course, the Easter Bunny cake!

The too cute centerpiece!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Western Party

Cowboy Grayton

Cowgirl Riley Kate

Brantley just hanging out at Newk's in Memphis

We had so much fun riding the shetland ponies at the Will's cowboy birthday party. My kiddos had so much fun riding the horses, especially Riley Kate--haha-is anyone suprised? She LOVES animals and those little ponies were so tiny and cute! Thank you to Mrs Sassy for sharing them with us and teaching us about their background. We had a blast at the birthday party, then headed off the Memphis for the day! It was a great day with lots of family fun!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Updates Finally!

So sorry that it's been so long since my last blog! Life has been so wonderful, but just very busy!! Grayton and Riley Kate are doing wonderful, and Brantley is growing way tooooooo fast! Grayton had a checkup at St Jude, and everything looked wonderful!! He is such a good sport and handles the Von Willebrand so well! Riley Kate goes to the neurologist later this month for her follow up visit and MRI's. Both of them are playing ball this year for the first time! Grayton is playing coach pitch, and Riley Kate is in Tball. It's so crazy busy because Jason is coaching Grayton's team and I'm coaching Riley Kate's Tball team! We have either practice or a game almost every day! Sweet little Brantley definitely gets the "Best Baby" award!! He just goes with the flow--never fusses or is bothered by our crazy schedules!! With summer around the corner, the kids have had several programs both at church and at school. It is so wonderful to watch them and participate in all their activities, but we are ready for summer time and a much-needed break!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

JA Charity Ball

Me and my sweet Hubby

Julie and Me

Some of the Girls

Grayton's Fruit of the Spirit Play

His whole sweet little class!!

Kind of looks like a fruit of the loom commercial--haha!!

Grayton was Captain Kind--he LOVED being a super hero like Batman & Superman!!

The cutest "Pear/Pair" I ever did see!!

We're so proud of Grayton!!

Grayton had his most precious play ever--The Fruit of the Spirit Play. It was so special and amazing to watch my child recite scripture and know the fruits of the spirit. I know it touched everyone's heart who was there to see it.

Brantley's 1st MSU Basketball Game

Got his game face on--haha!!

Brantley and Mommy

Daddy and his Lil' Bulldog
Bulldogs won!! Brantley must have brought them good luck!!
Our little man is growing up way too fast!! He attended his first MSU basketball game with Jason & I, and keeping with our family tradition, his first game was MSU vs Ole Miss. He did so wonderful!! He just looked all around and then slept through half of the game, even with all the noise! He's the most precious, little addition to our family!!


After the birth of Grayton, Jason and I began running and became highly addicted!! I soon made my first jogging stroller purchase, The Tike Tech all terrain single jogger. It was wonderful until I needed another seat for Riley Kate. I got this Dreamer Design off of ebay, and I love it! I call it my freedom and my sanity because I can load up the kids and go running whenever I feel like it! The kids love to stroll. They usually ask to go. We have run several races just for fun--Delta Jubilee 5K, Juke Joint Festival 5K, St. Jude 1/2 Marathon, Double Decker 10K, 300 Oaks 10K, etc. We love to run and if there is a race we can make it to, we'll run it!! We are running about 4 to 5 miles a day now with long runs of 7 to 12 miles on the weekends!


Since Grayton's 1st birthday, I have ventured out a bit and started baking and creating my kid's birthday cakes each year. Also, I am the homeroom mother for Grayton's class, so I am trying to get creative with my baking. I am not very good at it, but it is so much fun!! If anyone has any new cute ideas, share them with me.