Thursday, April 24, 2008

Riley Kate's 1st ER visit

Well, we are finally home-Thank the Lord. We have been at the hospital for only 3 days, but it feels like forever! On Tuesday, Riley Kate was great all day long--playing and happy. She ate supper and was acting normal, not even cranky. Well, that night about 8:30 Jason picked her up to take her to the bath tub, and he said she felt hot, then she vomitted. I picked her up to clean her off, and she started seizing. Well, the medical mentality kicked in (thank God!), and I immediately rushed to the kitchen sink and began to scrub her with a lukewarm wet washcloth to bring her fever down and stop the seizure. She seized about 2 minutes, but it felt like an eternity. After seizures, people go into what is called a post-ictal state where they are non-responsive and limp. Riley Kate did this, but she was having obvious trouble breathing-she stopped breathing for a couple of seconds, so I blew in her face and she gasped and began taking shallow breaths, so I prepared myself to do CPR. When that happened, the mother mentality kicked in, and I knew she needed more help than I could give her here. Luckily, we are in a small town, and I am friends with one of the Pediatricians here (who by the way is AWESOME!). I just cannot tell you how extraiordinary the care was Dr. Ramgoolam gave Riley Kate (and us!).

He was waiting for us at the ER. By the time we got there she had had 1 more seizure and began to seize when we walked in the ER. At this point, she already had seized 3 times. We went straight back to a trauma room, and Dr Ramgoolam immediately went to work on her. Within a minute, my baby girl had IV fluids going, oxygen, fever medication, IV seizure medication, and was hooked up to every monitoring machine. I know I am going to be a FNP in a couple of months, and this is sad to say, but I just stood there holding Riley Kate's little limp hand-I could not even think straight. Dr Ramgoolam kept reassuring us she was going to be okay, but it was so scary! After one dose of seizure medication (which knocked her out), she looked as if she were beginning to seize again, so he gave her another dose of seizure medication. Then he pulled us aside and told us he needed to do a lumbar puncture on her to rule out meningitis or any other infection in the brain that would show up in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). With tears in my eyes, I gave him my consent. I was going to stay in there with her (as I do with all procedures on my children), but I trust Dr Ramgoolam totally, so I left the room. (Now for those of you who know me well, know that was a huge step for me!) He called me back to the room as soon as he was done. The CSF was clear!! Yeah! She was still knocked out from the seizure medication, but her breathing was back to normal.

Dr Ramgoolam stayed there with us until we got a room upstairs. He kept us informed of everything that was going on the whole time! I don't think that I will ever be able to thank him enough!! Riley Kate slept under a cool mist oxygen tent all night. I could not sleep at all, so I sat up and watched her all night long, praying and thanking God for watching over her! Dr Ramgoolam and Dr Wells examined her the next day. (Does it get any better than that! That is having the top 2 Peds. in my book!) She had more bloodwork and a chest x-ray. Anyway, Dr Wells examined her last night, and wanted her to stay another night for observation, more IV fluids, and more IV antibiotics. Riley Kate could not walk without help because she was still groggy from the seizure medication, so Dr Wells did not want her going home yet.

She did great, and Dr Ramgoolam came by this morning and discharged us home! Now Riley Kate is running around the house and playing with Grayton--things are back to normal!

Both Dr Ramgoolam and Dr Wells agree that Riley Kate's seizures were caused by fever, probably from a virus. However, we will go to LeBonheur in a couple of weeks to a pediatric neurologist for an EEG to check her brain function just to be sure! Anyway, we are so grateful to Dr Ramgoolam for the outstanding compassionate care he gave Riley Kate that night in the ER. We praise the Lord that our baby girl is back and feeling wonderful!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Juke Joint Festival 5K

Well, the shirts turned out great! Good job Jennie and Jason! We ran a pretty good race Saturday, not our best, but good. Jason's time was 23:16, and he finished 3rd in his age group. My time was 24:00, and I finished 2nd female overall and 1st in my age group. We had a picture after the race with our 2 biggest fans, still in their PJ's! Don't know why the date is wrong on the picture--just noticed it. There must be something wrong with my camera.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Up for Approval

Jennie had a good idea to make shirts for our running group. Here's a little graphic I threw together this afternoon. The blue text says Clarksdale Running Club. Since we're not an official club, it may be better just to put Clarksdale only. I'm open for criticism: colors, fonts, etc. A red top with black bottom looks pretty good too. Keep in mind the black background is from the software and will not show on the shirt--just the colors we choose.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Grayton and Riley Kate had so much fun playing in the water and mud puddles yesterday! I had to take some pictures! Grayton was so sweet to Riley Kate. He held her hand and helped her through the puddles, and then he was showing her how to run through them--too cute!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


This is what happens when mommy is studying and daddy is watching the ballgame while the kids are playing (or a better word would be destroying) in Grayton's room. They really do play well together, but Riley Kate thinks that she needs to pull out EVERYTHING to have a good time. Thank the Lord there is 2 of us--Jason and I cleaned it up in no time! It really works well with a team effort!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Grayton is growing up so fast. He loves Pre-3. Each day he can't wait to come home and show off his latest artwork! This one is definitely fridge-worthy, don't you think?!

Riley Kate loves to play outside!! She thinks she is as big as her brother!! It is sad to say, but she is already 20 months. Boy, time flies!!

Welcome Lucy Kate and Bryant!

Lesley and Charles had their twins last week, and we are all so excited! Welcome Lucy Kate and Bryant, we have been waiting to meet you for a long time! The babies look nothing alike! This is hilarious, but Bryant looks just like Charles's grandfather, and Lucy Kate looks like Lesley! They are so beautiful and are doing so well! I just love the feeling of holding a brand new baby--they are truly a gift from God!! Congratulations Charles and Lesley!!


After the birth of Grayton, Jason and I began running and became highly addicted!! I soon made my first jogging stroller purchase, The Tike Tech all terrain single jogger. It was wonderful until I needed another seat for Riley Kate. I got this Dreamer Design off of ebay, and I love it! I call it my freedom and my sanity because I can load up the kids and go running whenever I feel like it! The kids love to stroll. They usually ask to go. We have run several races just for fun--Delta Jubilee 5K, Juke Joint Festival 5K, St. Jude 1/2 Marathon, Double Decker 10K, 300 Oaks 10K, etc. We love to run and if there is a race we can make it to, we'll run it!! We are running about 4 to 5 miles a day now with long runs of 7 to 12 miles on the weekends!


Since Grayton's 1st birthday, I have ventured out a bit and started baking and creating my kid's birthday cakes each year. Also, I am the homeroom mother for Grayton's class, so I am trying to get creative with my baking. I am not very good at it, but it is so much fun!! If anyone has any new cute ideas, share them with me.